To the Editor:

Earlier letters lament the ranking of the Milton Public Schools (MPS) and speculate that home environment differences explain why more students of color are referred for special education and/or experience a higher discipline rate (data reported in the equity audit).

I read the equity report with great interest but did not perceive that the report blames teachers. We all suffer from a slew of internal biases that predisposes us to behaviors, thoughts, and actions. That is exactly why an external, unbiased report was needed. Unfounded speculations about home environments being the root cause of the MPS failing some students are not helpful.

I was also surprised about the assumption that our amazing teachers, given that they have completed all required learning, would not be interested in additional learning to mitigate unconscious bias or expand upon their existing teaching skills.

My impression is that MPS leadership and teachers care deeply about all students and wish to empower all of them to be the best they can be. We should, too.

Last but not least, on the topic of the MPS sex health education program: as our youth and teens live a large fraction of their lives online, there is solid statistical data from the past 10 years that sexual education, unbeknownst to parents, now happens via online pornographic content in all countries.

Personally, I’ll gladly take the Planned Parenthood “Get Real” material any day for my kids, while for anyone preferring to delegate to the internet, there is the opt-out option.

– Christina Lilliehook

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