I am contemplating and thinking about all the people up in arms with fossil fuels.

It seems now they like wind power with windmills. Windmills are popular in Europe, where the old windmills aren’t repaired when they die, they just leave them there and build new ones.

I think back when I was in college at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, I would occasionally take rides in the country and explore.

On one excursion, I stumbled on the Yankee Rowe Power Plant. I could not believe my eyes. Here in Rowe, Massachusetts, near the Vermont border, there it was. There was no noise, no smoke rising out of the building. It was such a stately facility that no one really knew it was there, putting out megawatts of electricity. I thought to myself, “Wow, what a nice way to produce power.”

Compare this to the power plants in South Boston and on the Fore River in Weymouth which weren’t really quiet and where smoke and or steam was rising out of their stacks.

So roll the clock ahead now. Regarding the people who are rising up protesting against the ozone layer and the hole in our atmosphere caused by all those greenhouse carbon gases, aren’t they responsible because they shut down a safe, quiet, and clean energy source because they feared what might happen?

They protested Yankee Pilgrim Plymouth to the point where Pilgrim ll was never built and in Seabrook II in New Hampshire, the same is true. Protesters stopped the building of the second one in Seabrook. Was that a showing of what people who protest can do to the government undertaking a way to provide power that is efficient?

Now here we are still protesting all fossil fuel and want to do drastic things to our way of life. The little research that I have done indicates that the nuclear power plants are designed for a full capacity design but when finished they are running at half capacity for safety.

If everyone does their job (i.e., government regulation and oversight, employees who are not overworked and are competent in their jobs), there is nothing to worry about. We need to hold those responsible for protesting nuclear power for putting us in the position we are in today.

I invite anyone more knowledgeable than me to back up what I am saying as to the safety of nuclear power and its benefits. I am just thinking who is responsible for the closing of an efficient way to power up our country. I do not hear a peep out of any of them claiming responsibility for our ozone protective layer being destroyed. Furthermore, please charge those responsible for shutting down nuclear power for the carbon footprint tax which will hurt the working people greatly. Please charge them, not me.

In the early days of Pilgrim Power, businesses enjoyed about a 5 cent per kilowatt savings when Pilgrim was up online. Shortly thereafter, the DPU negotiated a new contract for the power plant. During the negotiations, the government conceded to allow the Pilgrim plant to charge more for nuclear power. It cost less to run the nukes, but the government allowed for certain “incentives” that allowed Boston Edison at the time to charge more per kilowatt although the cost per kilowatt for nuclear was much less to operate.

Furthermore, does anyone consider the energy lost just due to long lengths of wire that need to be run? We lose about 20 percent of power per mile of copper wire run plus losses of power through each insulator that the wire passes through. Current through wire produces heat. The more heat, the more power is lost also. An electrical engineer or computer program to take into account these inherent voltage loss variables must be considered. The longer the run, the wire size must be increased and/or the voltage boosted way up to allow for a wire size that would be manageable in cost and physically being able to handle it.

Does anyone address the fact that a windmill does not produce any electricity by itself? It needs a power plant to power up its magnetic fields and that will also synchronize the cycles to be in sync with the other windmills generating power.

If someone out there can better explain these phenomenons in better language than I have used, please do. I’m just saying that those who want wind power only tell one half of the story.

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