To the Editor:

Kudos go to the Newcomb Farms Family Restaurant for its community service to elderly shut-ins.

For many years, Newcomb Farms, in conjunction with the Milton Kiwanis Club, have delivered turkey dinners to those who would not have a turkey dinner with all the fixings due to their circumstances. This year, Newcomb Farms had received twice the amount of orders for those in need.

Families that would normally have their elderly relatives visit for their celebration of the Thanksgiving Day holiday were hesitant to do so because they felt it necessary to adhere to the CDC guidelines.

This year, Newcomb Farms donated over 170 turkey dinners, complete with mashed potatoes, stuffing, and squash, all delivered by the Milton Kiwanians on Thanksgiving morning.

Upon delivery, the expressions of gratitude from the recipients were overwhelming, which solidifies the need to do this good deed for the community.

Honorable mention goes to the activities director at Winter Valley for her participation this year to help us make deliveries to the community. Normally it would be no big deal to knock on the doors of the resident recipients and personally deliver the meals which we have done for years. This year is indeed different. Coupling the virus with more than double the demand for dinners certainly was significant.

Most business revenues are down, especially restaurants, due to limitations imposed upon establishments for the safety of everyone, making it difficult for any business to make charitable donations.

Many thanks to David Newcomb for doing this unselfish good deed.

– Paul Samuelian

The Kiwanis Club of Milton

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