To the Editor:

In her recent OpEd in the Milton Times, Emma Foley argues that a single payer healthcare plan is not the right prescription for Massachusetts.

I disagree and believe that the adoption of some form of single payer plan is the best, and ultimately inevitable, healthcare system for Massachusetts and the United States.

Ms. Foley’s statement, without evidence, that “a single payer plan would eliminate deductibles, co-pays, and other out of pocket payment and would ban the sale of existing private insurance plans” is just not true.

Existing single payer plans in other countries more often than not require out of pocket payments by recipients of health care services. That is as it should be because it causes patients to have “skin in the game.”

Moreover, countries that have adopted single payer plans have not universally banned sale of private insurance plans.

For example, the United Kingdom has flourishing private plans that supplement the single payer plan.

Reasonable people may differ about the merits of single payer plans. However, the discussion of their merits (or lack of same) should be based on facts rather than unsupported assertions such as those quoted above.

– Mike Balfe

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