To the Editor:

Milton Yacht Club (MYC) has existed for over 100 years as a boating venue for Milton residents interested in taking on the challenges of a self-managed and low-cost marina alternative.

Other choices for boaters have always existed in areas less tidal and muddy, either downriver toward Dorchester Bay or in and around Boston Harbor or Quincy Bay and further down the South Shore.

These alternatives have often been more desirable to those not wanting to perform the mental and physical work of managing a marine service organization and also the boats themselves.

MYC has maintained a public-accessible dock at Milton Landing for many years at zero expense to the town. Purchasable marine services have never been available at Milton’s Wharf Street waterfront.

This has always been the trade-off for Milton and other local neighborhood boaters, and it is well understood by most boaters upon visiting the location even once.

Over the course of 100 years, our elected and appointed town officials have periodically haggled over control and changes to the Milton waterfront.

People who are experienced in accessing coastal tidelands know that our limits are mostly imposed by the Neponset River and Mother Nature, not by the politics of the season.

During the first week of December 2019, the town issued an RFP (request for proposals) for waterfront facilities maintenance and services.

Despite the very short notice and heavy RFP requirements, MYC officers worked in good faith through the holiday season to submit a response by the deadline on Jan. 6, barely 30 elapsed days for a complex process.

Various Milton residents have been requesting membership recently and the club hopes for a positive outcome to allow their participation in traditional water-use activities at this historic waterfront venue.

Spencer R. Day

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