To the Editor of the Milton Times,

I am writing to you to share my deep concern about poisoning our neighborhoods (again) this spring.

Students all across town are at home, many of them playing in their yards. It is the start of lawn pesticide applications. I have seen lawn treatment companies, stop at various lawns and apply pesticide already, while kids in the neighboring yards were playing outside. It is extremely dangerous to them (and all of us). Parents may actually not be aware of this, since the process takes only a few minutes. The consequences to the health of the kids can be significant.

This spring, please choose to use organic lawn treatments to reduce the risk of poisoning our children and ourselves. It is bad enough that we are limited to staying at home for the next 3 weeks at least. We cannot even go to our yards for fresh air, or open our windows for several days after such pesticide treatments happen in yards around our house. It is a real public health threat that affects us all.

I hope that we can stop these pesticide treatments. Choosing organic lawn treatment options will help us all. A fine example of organic lawn care is proudly displayed on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston. A beautiful garden and lawn without toxic pesticides, for all to enjoy.

Thank you so much,

Edith Enyedy

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