To the Editor:

I wish to give credit to Noor Hassan and other members of the Milton High Earth Club for their recent letter to the Times (“Do our best to preserve the beauty of this planet,” Oct. 31).

The youth of the world are stepping up and facing the crisis that their elders have created and it is about time that their parents and grandparents get behind them.

Noor states, “According to scientists, we only have 12 years before climate change becomes irreversible.”

Some of you may think that is an exaggeration. It is not. Everything that needs to be done to save the planet needs to be done now.

Noor mentions recycling, reducing waste, and the fact that only nine percent of plastic gets recycled.

So let’s stop using plastic. If you are my age (68), you remember the days when there was no plastic. We lived for all those thousands of years without it. We can do it again.

Stopping plastic, reducing waste, and recycling are not going to save the planet on their own. We need to get to Zero Energy and we need to do it quick. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions to zero worldwide (the USA is second worst behind China) and the planet will heal itself. Walk, ride bikes, use electric motor vehicles (EVs), do not idle your car.

As Noor says, “Little changes … can reduce waste.”

I would be proud to march behind the Milton High Earth Club any day.

Please go to for more information or ask your kids. They have the answers.

– Louis Pierro

Sustainable Milton

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