To the Editor:

I applaud Sean Roche for his concern for teenagers in Milton. I do believe what he has proposed should be considered for further inclusion into the grassy park area on the Manning deck over East Milton Square (EMS). I do note that it was used mostly by young children with mothers. That amount of dedication and effort should not be discarded out of hand and could easily be repositioned in one of Milton's parks.

The main need and issue of concern in EMS is undeniably traffic, which is not going to go away but can be ameliorated by opening the closed section to allow traffic to flow west to east from Milton to Quincy.

This would alleviate the current problem of having to go in a complete circle rounding EMS, stopping and idling through three (!) stop lights, dodging those who consistently block the three intersections, or attempting to be the "just one last car" through the red lights.

Do not be lulled by the future promise of light synchronization and crosswalk strips to fix any of these issues. The volume will continue but the efficient movement of traffic can be supported by this one clear path, and that should be a goal rather than not dealing with traffic movement at all.

Note: in the spring, I gathered over 100 signatures supporting this idea, all eagerly given in two short days, but the need for surgery has kept me from completing the task. If anyone wants to email me at with your support, I'd gladly add your name to the petition and present all to the Select Board. If you have ever attempted to get through EMS without muttering and fuming, please put your voice forward. Thank you in advance.

– Judith Gundersen

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