To the Editor:

I read the article in the Milton Times about the recent 40B discussion at a Jan. 22 meeting. I salute Judi Barrett for her comments.

Since I moved to Milton over 20 years ago, it has been sad and disheartening to watch the gymnastics performed by some community members to keep “those (40B) people” out of our town.

The 40B issues are well known throughout the state and have been a stain on this community for a very long time.

When are we going to provide low and middle income housing in this town? Let’s get it done.

“Those people” — they are all of us.

Every family in Milton and elsewhere has its struggles, and to pretend that all present Milton families are immune to loss and sadness, health and economic issues, and, sadly, incredibly high rates of drug and alcohol addiction is pure fiction.

Being low or middle income does not merit the disdain of those who call them “those people.”

“Those people” — they are us.

– Sandy Albright

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