Milton Art Center

The Milton Art Center, (MAC), is a nonprofit community center offering education and art inspired events for all ages. Our 501(c)(3) community center, now in it's 5th year is run by volunteers who donate their time and talent to offer programming in the arts for the benefit of the community.

Our mission: Connecting people through the power of the arts to inspire change and transform personal and local life.

Participation in the arts is key to a fulfilling life. Taking action is what our 50+ volunteers, teachers, board members do - we work together to produce programs and events for free and/or low cost to the community. The arts have made a difference in our lives and we extend that support to others to increase skills and confidence in creating a more meaningful life.

We lease our building, a former branch library, from the Town of Milton. We renovated this space for showcasing art and music. Art classes are held downstairs and the spacious main room is used for music performances, art exhibits, lectures, workshops and events.

Our organization started in response to the lack of art education in our public schools for children. In 2003 we began as FAVA, Friends and Advocates of the Visual Arts, an after school art enrichment program in the public schools. When we moved to Edge Hill Road we expanded our mission to include all ages.

We invite you to attend a workshop, a class, a concert, an event, become a member, volunteer on a committee (music, programming, gallery, fundraising, marketing, facilities). Support the arts in Milton with your donation so that we can extend our mission of improving our lives through the arts.


Joan Clifford

Executive Director


Kevin Dambruch

Kristan Bagley Jones

Scott Love

Anne McIntyre

Maureen Peterson

Christine Schoettle

Dennis O'Brien

Honorary Board

Yoshi Belash

Lisa Carr

Betsy Pappano

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