Middle school wrestler wins state title

Mason Pellegri of Milton has his sights set on wrestling at the high school level and the U.S. Olympics.

Most kids at an early age usually get into sports such as baseball, basketball, hockey, football, or even soccer or lacrosse.

Mason Pellegri tried a couple of those sports growing up, but for whatever reason, they didn’t seem like the right fit.

Just after turning 7-years-old, Mason did find a sport that was right for him; Brazilian jiu-jitsu. After years of practicing and dedication, the now 14-year-old Mason has used his experience in martial arts to become one of the top young wrestlers in all of New England.

In the fourth grade, Mason captured his first individual state title at 130 pounds. Two years later, at 140-plus pounds, he captured another title.

During January in his final year in middle school, Mason won his third state championship belt, but those aren’t the only championships he has won.

Some of them, incredibly, have come on the world stage, winning international BJJ titles in 2015 and 2018.

To keep himself motivated, Mason keeps track of the competitions he has won by writing them on the back of his bedroom door.

“I work hard at practice,” he said of his success. “I’m doing cardio so I don’t get tired during matches, and I’m working on moves like knee picks and half nelsons.”

Mason’s day generally consists of going to school in the morning and the afternoon and coming home and then completing his homework. Once six o’clock hits, it’s all business from there.

He’ll ride down to American Grit MMA, a gym located in Canton opened and operated by his father, Mike.

From 6 to about 8 p.m., Mason works on his technique, strength, and endurance.

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